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Animals available for sponsorship at the sanctuary:

- Small birds $10 fortnight

- Medium to large birds $20 fortnight

- Horses, sheep and goats $20 fortnight

Your regular donations help feed and spoil some of our absolutely amazing animal family. If u wish to sponsor a cutie please email the sanctuary and pass on your name and address so you get your thank you package from your sponsor animal. Thank you so much for your ongoing support! (

FINN mini pony, desexed male, as you are all aware he has had one hell of a bumpy road. Full of character, cheekiness and wit this boy deserves the best of the best. To sponsor Finn $20 a fortnight will help provide lucerne, pellets and his favorite juicy carrots! Not to mention farrier fees for his stud muffin hooves.


MR CHARLIE: this big boy had a dog as a best friend.. deep down i think charlie still thinks he is a dog with feathers lol. Sadly his best mate passed away and he was making alot of noise. Due to being in suburbia his mum thought it was best for him to join the sanctuary with more of his own kind and also so he can make as much noise as he wants.. everyone this is charlie and he loves to start the car, bark and say goodbye to visitors. To sponsor Charlie please pm the sanctuary. His sponsorship is $20 a fortnight which includes his fav nuts in shells, fresh fruit an veg an a variety of seeds. "Charlie says... woof woof" lol


MISS ANNABELLE! miss Annabelle came in with her 3 kittens as a stray found behind roofing iron. Her 3 kittens went to a foster carer and Annabelle was only meant to stay till her milk dried up and desexing. The thought of adoption and meeting new people freaked Annabelle right out so much so she ended up with cat flu which is commonly caused by stress. Annabelle has since been desexed and isn't keen on leaving the sanctuary. She goes nowhere near doors and never wants to go outside. She is a very loving cat full of affection. Annabelle's sponsorship is $15 a fortnight to cover her fishy addictions and love of all toys!

ERROLD & ESMAE.. a loving pair of redtail black cockatoos. Errolds previous owner lost his mate to a tick. Esmae was lonely an laying her eggs on a perch. Today we have 2 happy birds that have found love again. Errold loves to dance and show off where as esmae is more reserved. They loveee their fresh fruit an veg plus delicious nuts in shells. To sponsor this gorg pr is $20 per fortnight.. xo


BRONTE SAURUS! for $20 a fortnight u can sponsor this gorgeous girl who loves swimming in the dam an splashing on the shore. She is the most amazing surrogate mum to Finn and very protective and loving. When Finn was injured she would walk him up on dusk to his lockup pen every night and wait for him every morning after his meds an bandage changes. Bronte really is a heart felt mare with compassion and love.

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