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These are some of the other animals we have helped reunite with their families or could not be kept any longer & we helped them find new loving homes! Here at Kirsty's Bird Sanctuary & Wildlife Rehabilitation INC we are very much in it for the love of all animals! Great & Small! These are some of the many stories of some of the animals we have helped:

Meet two little Kittens who came in at 4 wks old. The rest of their litter had been picked off by farm dogs so we took them in. Wormed an well fed at 9 weeks both girls and sisters left for the same loving home.

Meet Puppy Sasha aka Rumor.. She could no longer be kept as her original owners never consulted with their real estate agent. After watching facebook an no one wanting her I went and picked her up. Covered in a skin condition the poor girl. Later i discovered in her short life of a few months she had already had two homes. After alot of advertising an looking for the right person we finally found a lovely lady the volunteered at the RSPCA and was looking for a four legged best friend. Little miss Rumor an her new owner now live up in cairns an she has had all her vet work done!

Meet Depatu.. His owners were on a timeline to move and sadly couldn't take a dog with them. They had tried finding him a new home but with no luck we took him in. A week or so later we found him a new loving home.

Meet Puppy Doe! Apparently found by a couple of school kids.. Taken on a bus ride to the school and then taken off them by a teacher. After alot of looking around an phone calls we were able to reunite pup with his frantic owners who were desperately trying to find him.

We have a cat with quite a sad story behind her short life so far. Introducing Hope! She was found in our neighbours garden with three lil kittens. All kittens have since been homed but no one wants miss hope! Hope was abandoned by drug dealers and left to fend on the streets for herself. She is very timid and hates dogs. She needs to be an inside cat with maybe another cat. She was desexed, vaccinated wormed etc so all her vet work has been done. Hope needs a new start and a lot of love to be the snuggle bunny she could be and to have the life she deserves. Hope does cost $220 just to cover her vet work. She was desexed this wk and has de solvable stitches. If u can help hope please pm me. Thanks (Hope has since been adopted)

Everyone meet 15yr old Bindi. She was called into us by a farmer as a potential hit by car found laying in mud on the banks of a dam. Too exhausted to move and cold we picked her up and took her straight to the vets. No microchip and a full checkup only to find this old girl had a low temperature. It is thought that she had become stuck in the dam and when she finally got out she had no energy to move past the mud. Noone knew how long she had been there. After flooding facebook and social media we finally found her parents. A loving family who were missing her dearly. She had been missing since the night before. She was kept at the vets overnight where she was warm and safe. Her family picked her up the following morning. I love a happy ending and Bindi was such a loveable girl!

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