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FINN: On February 20th 2018 our lives were altered forever with a surrendered and orphaned foal with serious injuries joining our family. Finns mother had died of a twisted stomach a couple of weeks earlier and he was left in a paddock with another mare who had a still born foal. From what we made of the incident we think he has gone to have a drink from the mare and she has taken a large chunk out of his back. The wound was over a week old judging by the maggot size. The smell was rotten and over 40 maggots were flushed and cleaned from the wound site on his arrival to the sanctuary. He was only approx 11wks old when we took him in and he had already been taken off milk which was way too early and with his injuries he needed all the extra vitamins an minerals he could get. Finn went back on a high quality milk supplement for horses plus lucerne and a high quality pellet. Finn has had many vets appointments and it got to the point where he required surgery as he had bone fragments floating in his injury that weren't connected to other bones. This was causing further infection and discharge even tho it was healing very well. On March 27th Finn was admitted to West Vets at Anstead to under go surgery with a specialist equine surgeon. The funds for his surgery were raised within 24hrs from loyal supporters on our Facebook page. Finn was discharged that Saturday an currently has an appointment this Monday which we are hoping will go well as he is an amazing little man that deserves the very best for his long life ahead of him. Currently his rehabilitation has cost in excess of $3000 but what price can you put on life?

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