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MT HALLEN RESCUE KITTENS: These 4 gorgeous babies about 5 weeks old were found by a lovely lady huddled up in the middle of a road at Mt Hallen. These babies are now in the care of the Sanctuary and will be up for adoption in the following weeks through Animal Angels.

NOTE: I just want to reiterate that we don't normally do kittens. We only do emergency cases which are life or death until another rescue has room and can take them. We work closely with Animal Angels in Toowoomba which is run by a lovely lady called Carol. When ready this organisation desexes and does all vet work prior to adoption to end the cycle of unwanted cats and kittens which often lead to feral cats killing our wildlife.. We are in much support of this program. We will never turn away an animal if death is on the cards and we aim for safety and love until an appropriate placement is found. Our main focus always will be the birds an wildlife that come into our care with of course a few hurdles an bumps along the way. We have many plans in the works including sustainability and quite a few building projects to commence before tours start at the end of the year. Have a fabulous week everyone!

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